저탄수화물 다이어트가 체중 감량에 도움이 되나요?

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Chick peas are high in fibre. Shutterstock

In the XNUMXs, low-carb diets were all the rage. The Dr Atkin’s Diet Revolution book claimed carbohydrate restriction was a “high calorie way to stay thin forever".

Carbohydrates are found in breads, cereals and other grains, fruit, vegetables and milk. They’re also in ultra-processed fast foods, cakes, chips and soft drinks.

요즘 저탄수화물 다이어트는 심장병을 이겨내고 당뇨병에 더 좋은 체중 감량 솔루션으로 홍보되고 있습니다. 그러나 이러한 주장이 최신 연구와 어떻게 일치합니까?

새로운 review of the evidence found long-term low-carb dieters lost just under a kilo more weight than other dieters. However the review concluded there was no evidence low-carb diets have any additional health benefits.

In fact, if you’re on a low-carb diet, you’ll need to pay closer attention to what you eat to make sure you get enough essential vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and other 식물 영양소.

What did the reviewers investigate?

The Cochrane 리뷰 included XNUMX randomised controlled trials (the highest level of evidence) with almost XNUMX adults with excess body weight. About XNUMX had type XNUMX diabetes. People in the healthy weight range were not included.

The reviewers compared weight-loss diets that varied in carbohydrate content:low carb diets are healthyXNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

  1. lower carbohydrate diets. This included very low-carb or ketogenic diets (less than XNUMXg of carbs a day or less than XNUMX% of your total energy from carbs) and low-carb diets (XNUMX-XNUMXg of carbs per a day, or less than XNUMX% of total energy from carbs)

  2. “balanced” carbohydrate diets (XNUMX+ grams of carbs a day, or XNUMX-XNUMX% of your total energy from carbs).

  3. Here’s an example comparing how a very low-carb, low-carb and balanced carb one-day meal plan might look. The portion sizes differ between the meals to keep the total kilojoules about the same. Note, the reviewers grouped the first two low carb diet categories together. 저자 제공

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그들은 무엇을 발견 했는가?

The reviewers found that among adults with excess body weight (but who didn’t have type XNUMX diabetes), those following lower-carb diets for XNUMX-XNUMX months lost, on average, one kilogram more weight than those on balanced carb diets.

However, when they ensured restrictions in energy intake were the same in both groups, by providing the food or meal plans, the difference was about half a kilogram.

In longer-term weight-loss interventions lasting one to two years, the average difference in weight-loss between those on low-carb versus balanced carb diets was just under one kilogram.

The average weight lost by groups on any weight-reducing diet varied greatly across the trials from less than one kilogram in some, up to about XNUMXkg in others.

The studies in adults with type XNUMX diabetes found greater initial weight loss on low-carb diets compared to balanced carb diets: XNUMXkg over three to six months. However, in longer interventions that lasted between one to two years, there was no difference.

In the small group of studies that included a maintenance period at the end of the weight-loss intervention, there were no differences in weight-loss in adults either with or without type XNUMX diabetes.

There were no significant differences in other health measures, including blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar control or risk of constipation. And they found no important clinical differences in results based on the extent of participants’ carb restriction.

Overall, the review shows that whether you prefer a lower carb or a balanced carb eating pattern, both can work for weight loss.

Nutrients to monitor on a low-carb diet

Carbohydrate is a macronutrient. Your body uses it to produce energy to fuel your muscles, brain, lungs and other vital processes.

Healthy foods with carbs – breads, cereals and other grains, fruit, vegetables and milk – are packed with other important nutrients, especially dietary fibre, thiamine, calcium and folate.

Without careful planning, a low-carb diet could also be lower in these nutrients. So how can you ensure you’re consuming enough? Here’s what to look out for – and some lower- and higher-carb options.

Dietary fibre is needed to keep your bowel function regular and promote growth of healthy bacteria in your colon.

Lower carb sources: spinach, fresh and frozen mixed berries, almonds, cauliflower

Higher carb sources: wholegrain bread, apples, chick peas, sweet potato.

Thiamin or vitamin BXNUMX is needed to supply energy to your body’s tissues and is used to metabolise carbohydrates.

Lower carb sources: trout, tuna, sunflower seeds, beef, yeast extracts

Higher carb sources: brown rice, black beans, wholemeal bread, yoghurt.

칼슘 is needed for strong bones.

Lower cab sources: hard cheese, canned salmon with small bones, almonds, firm tofu

Higher carb sources: yoghurt, milk, soft cheese.

엽산 is essential for growth and is used to manufacture DNA, your genetic code. Adequate intakes are especially important for women, as folate is needed to prevent neural tube defects in infants during pregnancy.

Lower carb sources: green leafy vegetables, avocado, broccoli, peanuts

Higher carb sources: wholemeal bread (Australian bread-making flour is fortified with folic acid), fortified wholegrain cereals, brown rice, oranges.

Ultimately, if you love carbs and want to lose weight, you can. Plan to lower your kilojoule and carb intake by not eating ultra-processed, energy-dense, nutrient-poor (junk) foods, while still eating carbohydrates from 건강 식품.

저자 정보

클레어 콜린스, Laureate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics, 뉴캐슬 대학; Erin Clarke, Postdoctoral Researcher , 뉴캐슬 대학의 메이크업 시연, 그리고 한국에서 사랑을 담아 보낸 Rebecca Williams, Postdoctoral Researcher, 뉴캐슬 대학

이 기사는에서 다시 게시됩니다. 대화 크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이센스하에 읽기 원래 기사.

추천 도서 :

하버드 의대 태극권 가이드 : 12 주간의 건강한 몸, 강한 심장, 샤프 마인드 - 피터 웨인.

하버드 의대 태극권 가이드 : 피터 웨인 (Peter Wayne)의 건강한 몸, 건강한 심장, 샤프 마인드에 대한 12 주.하버드 의과 대학의 최첨단 연구는 태극권이 심장, 뼈, 신경 및 근육, 면역 체계 및 정신의 건강에 유익한 영향을 미친다는 오랜 주장을지지합니다. 오랫동안 태극권 교사이자 하버드 의과 대학의 연구원이었던 Peter M. Wayne 박사는 모든 연령대의 사람들에게 적합한이 책에 포함 된 단순화 된 프로그램과 유사한 프로토콜을 개발 및 테스트했으며 단지 하루에 몇 분.

여기를 클릭하십시오 더 많은 정보를 원하시면 및 / 또는 아마존에서 책을 주문합니다.

자연의 통로 탐색 : 교외의 야생 음식을 구하기위한 1 년
웬디와 에릭 브라운.

네이처 통로 둘러보기 : 웬디 (Wendy)와 에릭 브라운 (Eric Brown)의 교외 야생 음식 섭취의 해.자립심과 탄력성에 대한 헌신의 일환으로 Wendy와 Eric Brown은 야생 식품을 자신의 식단의 일정 부분으로 통합하기 위해 1 년을 보내기로했습니다. 대부분의 교외 풍경에서 발견되는 쉽게 식별 할 수있는 야생 식재료를 수집, 준비 및 보존하는 방법에 대한 정보를 통해이 독특하고 감동적인 가이드는 문앞에서 풍요의 도움을 받아 가족의 식량 안보를 향상시키고 자하는 모든 사람들에게 꼭 읽어야합니다.

여기를 클릭하십시오 자세한 정보 및 / 또는 아마존에서이 책을 주문하십시오..

Food Inc. : 참가자 안내서 : 산업 식품으로 우리를 더 나아지고, 더 풍부 해지고, 가난하게 만드는 방법 - 그리고 당신이 그것에 대해 할 수있는 것 - Karl Weber에 의해 편집 됨.

Food Inc. : 참가자 안내서 : 산업 식품으로 우리를 더 나약하고, 더 풍부 해지고, 가난하게 만드는 방법내 음식은 어디서 왔고 누가 처리 했습니까? 거대한 농업 산업은 무엇이며, 식량 생산과 소비의 현상 유지를 위해 어떤 지분을 가지고 있습니까? 가족 건강 식품을 저렴한 비용으로 어떻게 먹일 수 있습니까? 영화의 테마를 확장하여 책 식품 주식 회사 최고의 전문가와 사상가에 의한 일련의 도전적인 에세이를 통해 그 질문에 대답 할 것입니다. 이 책은 영화 문제에 대해 더 많은 것을 배우고, 세상을 바꾸기 위해 행동하십시오.

여기를 클릭하십시오 더 많은 정보를 원하시면 및 / 또는 아마존에서 책을 주문합니다.

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