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영상 Thomas Kelley/Unsplash

Australian adults get around one-third of their energy intake from junk foods.

Also known as discretionary foods, these include foods such as biscuits, cakes, sausages, sugar-sweetened drinks and alcohol.

Unhealthy diets are a key reason why almost one in every three adults in Australia is obese. Excess weight also increases risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Our new research, published today in the 행동 영양 및 신체 활동의 국제 저널, has found personalised nutrition advice, compared to usual dietary advice, helped adults to eat less junk food.

What is personalised nutrition?

개인화 된 영양 involves tailoring dietary advice to improve health, based on the characteristics of the individual. So dietary advice could be tailored based on anything from the person’s eating habits and weight to their cholesterol levels and genetics.

The concept of tailored dietary advice isn’t new — dietitians have been giving personalised advice for centuries. What is new is the rise in popularity of new technologies, apps and wearable devices, which allow for detailed monitoring of individual health. Health-care professionals can then use this information to provide personalised advice. A man adjusts his smartwatch. New technologies have fuelled the rise of personalised nutrition. Shutterstock

To understand whether personalised nutrition advice improves dietary habits, we conducted the Food4Me Study.

우리의 연구

We recruited 1,607 adult volunteers from across seven European countries into a six-month dietary study.

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주간지 일일 영감

At the beginning, adults were allocated into either a control group, or one of three personalised nutrition groups.

Usual dietary advice

In the control group adults received usual dietary advice. For example, “eat at least five serves of fruit and vegetables each day”. (In Australia the recommendation is at least seven serves daily.)

맞춤식이 요법 조언

To help us understand the best way to personalise dietary advice, the three personalised nutrition groups received tailored dietary advice based on different sets of characteristics. All advice was based on behaviour change strategies, such as swapping discretionary foods for healthier alternatives.

Group 1 received advice based on what they ate.

For example, for someone eating a lot of salty meat products, we told them to reduce their intake of processed meats and pies, and swap salami and bacon for turkey or beef.

Group 2 received advice based on their diet and body measurements.

For example, if someone had high waist circumference and cholesterol levels, and was snacking on biscuits and chocolate, we told them they were carrying too much weight around their middle and had high cholesterol levels so would benefit from snacking on fruit and healthy fats, such as nuts, instead.

Group 3 received advice based on their diet, body measurements and genetic information.

For example, if someone had a genetic risk of high cholesterol, and was eating lots of salty meat products, we told them they have a genetic variation and would benefit from maintaining a healthy intake of saturated fat and normal cholesterol levels. We suggested they swap processed meats, for example burgers and sausages, for lean meats or skinless chicken breast.

So, does personalised nutrition work?

At the beginning and end of the study we asked our volunteers to complete an online questionnaire, which asked them how often they consumed various foods and drinks.

We found participants who received personalised dietary advice reduced their intake of discretionary foods more than participants who received usual dietary advice.

Interestingly, this improvement in diet was seen across all personalised nutrition groups; regardless of whether advice was personalised based on diet, body measurements or genetics, or a combination of these factors.

That said, we did see some evidence that the addition of genetic information (group 3) helped adults to reduce their discretionary food intake more than those who received advice based on their diet and body measurements alone (group 2). An older couple preparing vegetables in the kitchen. We found personalised nutrition advice was associated with healthier eating. Shutterstock

Our findings are consistent with the broader evidence on personalised nutrition.

최근에 체계적인 검토 we looked at results from 11 personalised nutrition studies conducted across Europe and North America. We found overall, personalised nutrition advice improved dietary habits more than usual dietary advice.

What do these results mean?

Our results show personalised dietary advice can support people to eat less junk food. This should have important implications for how researchers and health-care professionals design healthy eating strategies moving forward.

It’s important to note our sample was made up of volunteers. So they may be more health-conscious and motivated to improve their dietary habits than the general population.

We need research in more diverse population groups, including young males and people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage. This will be important for understanding whether personalised nutrition advice can benefit everyone.

몇 가지 고려해야 할

Lots of commercial offerings for personalised dietary advice are emerging, such as companies that offer genetic testing and provide dietary advice accordingly, but many are not supported by scientific evidence. Health-care professionals, such as dietitians, should remain the first point of call when seeking dietary advice.

Personalised nutrition advice has the potential to improve the diet and health of Australians. But the reasons for unhealthy diets are complex, and include wider social and environmental influences.

So exploring new ways to support people to eat healthier diets is just one potential way to address the burden of unhealthy eating and related ill-health in Australia. 대화Katherine Livingstone receives funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council. The Food4Me Study was supported by the European Commission under the Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology Theme of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. Food4Me co-authors are acknowledged for their contribution to the publication.

저자에 관하여

Katherine Livingstone, NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow 및 Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), Deakin University

추천 도서 :

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여기를 클릭하십시오 더 많은 정보를 원하시면 및 / 또는 아마존에서 책을 주문합니다.

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여기를 클릭하십시오 자세한 정보 및 / 또는 아마존에서이 책을 주문하십시오..

Food Inc. : 참가자 안내서 : 산업 식품으로 우리를 더 나아지고, 더 풍부 해지고, 가난하게 만드는 방법 - 그리고 당신이 그것에 대해 할 수있는 것 - Karl Weber에 의해 편집 됨.

Food Inc. : 참가자 안내서 : 산업 식품으로 우리를 더 나약하고, 더 풍부 해지고, 가난하게 만드는 방법내 음식은 어디서 왔고 누가 처리 했습니까? 거대한 농업 산업은 무엇이며, 식량 생산과 소비의 현상 유지를 위해 어떤 지분을 가지고 있습니까? 가족 건강 식품을 저렴한 비용으로 어떻게 먹일 수 있습니까? 영화의 테마를 확장하여 책 식품 주식 회사 최고의 전문가와 사상가에 의한 일련의 도전적인 에세이를 통해 그 질문에 대답 할 것입니다. 이 책은 영화 문제에 대해 더 많은 것을 배우고, 세상을 바꾸기 위해 행동하십시오.

여기를 클릭하십시오 더 많은 정보를 원하시면 및 / 또는 아마존에서 책을 주문합니다.

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우리가 지역 사회에있을 때, 우리는 그들을 알고 있기 때문에 도움이 필요한 사람들에게 자동으로 봉사하게됩니다.
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새로운 뼈를 만드는 방법 ... 당연히
새로운 뼈를 만드는 방법 ... 당연히
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많은 여성들은 폐경기 증상이 멈출 때 안전한 땅에 있다고 가정합니다. 슬프게도 우리는 ...
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인간은 이전 150 년보다 지난 2,000 년 동안 더 많은 기술 개발을 달성했습니다.
건조한 입술의 원인은 무엇이며 어떻게 치료할 수 있습니까? 립밤이 실제로 도움이 되나요?
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온 인류에게 공개 서한
온 인류에게 공개 서한
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이 전염병은 같은 길을 따라가는 것이 세계를 절벽 위로 이끌 것이라는 것을 보여주었습니다
이 전염병은 같은 길을 따라가는 것이 세계를 절벽 위로 이끌 것이라는 것을 보여주었습니다
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그로 인한 비극적 인 죽음, 고통과 슬픔에도 불구하고 전염병은 깊숙이 들어갈 수 있습니다.
의료 종사자가 환자에게 COVID 면봉 검사를 수행합니다.
일부 COVID 테스트 결과가 위양성 인 이유는 무엇이며 얼마나 흔한가요?
by Adrian Esterman, 사우스 오스트레일리아 대학교 생물 통계학 및 역학 교수
이전에 멜버른의 현재 발병과 관련된 두 개의 COVID-19 사례가 이제 다음과 같이 재 분류되었습니다.
긴 COVID의 수수께끼 : 바이러스에 걸린 사람 1 명 중 3 명은 몇 달 동안 고통받습니다. 지금까지 우리가 알고있는 것은
by Vanessa Bryant, Walter 및 Eliza Hall Institute 면역학 부서 실험실 책임자
COVID에 걸린 대부분의 사람들은 발열, 기침 및 호흡 문제와 같은 일반적인 증상을 겪습니다.
IRS가 벌금이나 연체료로 당신을 때리나요? 초조해하지 마십시오. 소비자 세금 옹호자는 여전히 옵션이 있다고 말합니다.
by Rita W. Green, 멤피스 대학교 회계학 강사
세금의 날이오고 갔고 시간이 지나면 신고서를 제출했다고 생각합니다. 하지만 여러 ...
유일한 쉬운 날은 어제였습니다
유일한 쉬운 날은 어제였습니다
by 제이슨 레드먼
매혹은 전투에서만 일어나는 것이 아닙니다. 비즈니스와 생활에서 매복은 재앙적인 사건입니다.
75 켜기
Turning 75 : 놀라운 마법의 상태 (비디오)
by 배리 비셀
이번 달 (2021 년 75 월), Joyce와 저는 75 세가되었습니다. 제가 어렸을 때 XNUMX 세는 고대처럼 보였습니다.…
Superforecasters : 전염병 계획가가 세계 최고의 예측 자로부터 배울 수있는 것
슈퍼 예보 : 전염병 기획자가 세계 최고의 예측 자로부터 배울 수있는 것
by Gabriel Recchia, 연구원, Winton Center for Risk and Evidence Communication, University of Cambridge
영국의 보리스 총리 인 도미닉 커밍스에 따르면 전문가들은 그것을 비극적으로 틀렸다고합니다…

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